Target Groups

The primary target groups of the EU-VET CARE project include professionals working with migrant/refugee children and more specifically:

  • physicians
  • psychologists
  • social workers 
  • cultural mediators 
  • other relevant aid workers 

Relevant professional communities, public sector and civil society organizations are also addressed. The training seeks to increase capacity, competency, and interdisciplinary cooperation, enhancing understanding and responsiveness to diversity.

Secondary target groups of the project also include: a) migrant/refugee children including unaccompanied minors; b) migrant/refugee children families; c) health care, social care, protection organizations and systems that cater for migrant/refugee children, sine the longer term impact involves improved care for migrant/refugee children and the development of a more effective, integrated (multidisciplinary) approach in the provision of services to this population.

In addition to the above mentioned core target groups, social actors such as organizations and services working with migrant/refugee children, migrant associations, professional associations, health care organizations, VET providers and academic institutions, will also be targeted. These stakeholders will benefit from the knowledge and training tools produced by the project.